healing process

I’m not feeling well now but I’m at my happiest

These days has been spent creating

Cutting and pasting with my nose running and me coughing

I lose track of time and my space is in a creative mess

and I lavettt!

I’m reading this book now “The Geography of Bliss” and I totally agree with what this Icelander Hilmar said when asked about his feelings when composing music,

“I lose track of time when composing. It is a blissful activity. You are doing something you couldn’t imagine doing. It is bigger than yourself. You are enlarging yourself.”

This has also been a good time to take care of meself… I cooked some stir fried tofu and string beans with soy sauce (43% less salt!) paired with organic brown rice. Then for dinner I grilled some veggies (eggplant, bell pepper, onions & tomatoes) drizzled with pesto then placed on an open sandwich grilled with melted mozarella cheese. Absolutely yummy ! ! !

My body is weak

but my spirit is soaring.

n a k s 


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