heaven on earth

with mrs. masferre


Sagada is a place where I recharge… I’ve been coming here to rest my mind, to celebrate freedom from everything and to just  chill. I remember the wind whispering “welcome” in my ear each time I arrive. I feel myself more here. I hear myself more.  Here, I am more… It is also here in Sagada where I want my last days on earth to be. I want my friends and family to all come here and celebrate my departure before sending my ashes off to my other slices of heaven on earth – Batanes, Venice & Paris… But for now, I share this piece of heaven with my loved-ones and friends, enjoying the time left here on earth, before I too become part of the wind.


images shot in Sagada, Philippines

4 thoughts on “heaven on earth

  1. thanks for posting! suddenly remembered that kid na kasama ko sa photo. when our eyes met, he immediately smiled, climbed down that statue/monument (?), and rushed to hug me. feeling ko talaga, nakasama ko siya in a past life hehe.

    1. i agree! you two connected 🙂 i remember meeting a little girl in sagada that followed me to the cemetery. found out her name was jazel. halukatdat! what’s with sagada kids?! hehehe

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