highway to heaven


There was only one place I could think of to celebrate my 34th orbit,

I consider it to be one of my heavens on earth.



My good friend and fellow wanderlust willingly celebrated this journey with me.

I’ve been to heaven and back but for Agayskee it will be her first time to see (this) heaven.



The closest thing to flying would be riding the wind on top of a jeepney!

Being away, this feeling was what I missed most.



The highway to heaven is not without bumps,

but we are in it for the ride!



H E A V E N  A W A I T S



images shot while seated on the roof of a moving vehicle 😉




15 thoughts on “highway to heaven

    1. aruruteynks naman pol! anunah, kailan na ba ang kitakits? punta ka na lang sa alabama art exchange on july 2 & 3 😀 masaya yun!

    1. hahaha oks lang yun agayskee, tumodo japorms na lang tayo next time 😀 watdyasay we go back to Batanes?!!!!

    1. aruruteynkyu naman papadom 😀 hehehe. Naalala mo ba yung biyahe natin dati? Balik ulit tayo soon tapos dapat topload tayo 🙂

  1. Pag nasa bubong, mas madaling makatalon bago mahulog ang jeep sa bangin ;D

    Saan ang pics ng Sagadaskee?

    1. there are some new infrastructures but it’s still heaven for me 🙂 i’m sure the panda bear will love it! At finally mararating na rin niya kse di kami natuloy noon, hanggang yobags lang so at least this time eh kayo na ang magkapiling 😉 yebah!

    1. you were supposed to be part of this heavenly journey divah, tsk tsk tsk. di bale next time 🙂 for now Alabama, New Manila muna 😀

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