I should be way past the tourist path and focus more on exploring the deep.



I am in a place surrounded by art and grounded by rich culture,

I should take more advantage of that.



My work should deepen…

I should deepen…



Away from my comfort zone,

I am personally battling ghosts I never thought existed.



Last year, I was deeply consumed working on the video installation on Consumption. When a friend watched it for the first time, he couldn’t believe I made it. I think he’s always seen me as the smiley one that creates colorful photo collages… And when he saw images on my video of sex, war and religion, he couldn’t believe that it came from me.




Have I gone to the dark side?



In a meeting with a French master photographer I learned that it is best to explore my life and my art more. To get to know the masters and discover the history of what I am doing now. To understand what happened in the past to face my future… I do what I do the only way I know how. I didn’t study art, I didn’t study photography and being here I realized I have sooooo much to learn…






images shot in FIAC 2010




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