Je t’aime a la folie



I LOVE FRENCH (A et le langue ;p)… The way the words curl in my mouth. The way it sound especially when whispered in my ear 😉 I love how words are feminine and masculine, like the word head (la tete) is feminine and heart (le coeur) is masculine, I mean who decided that?  Arte arte diba 😉

I love how it’s not pronounced the way it is spelled, like parfait (par-fayet (ehmignon (mi-nion)…  I like that some french words are exactly the same in english like silence, minute, experience: same spelling but different pronounciation. There are also words that are almost the same but not quite; coleurs = colors, temps = time, enfant = infant, biere = beer, monstre = monster … And some of it are closer to home; bouteille = botesavon = sabon, jardin = hardin…

My favorite french word for now is INOUBLIABLE. I love the sound of it and the way it is pronounced: I-NUB-LI-YABL. C’était inoubliable = It was Unforgettable.


Bonjour! Je m’apelle Jazel Kristin.

Je suis artiste multimedia, realisatrice et conseiller visuel.

J’ai 34 ans mais ce n’est pas évident 😉

C’est tout, aruruteynkyu


The first french words that I learned…. are meant to be whispered and not written here 😉 Hahahaha okay the other words that I learned quickly was related to food, Beh ouais bien sur!!! Poulet, poivre, soja, ail, vinaigre = Adobo! And of course how to say I AM HUNGRY = J’AI FAIM!  Faim na moi, hahaha shushal!

A would draw me images and write its French counterpart for me to learn. I once recorded our first French lesson without him knowing it, which actually became a sound installation for my exhibition [Home Is Where the Art Is at SilverLens].

In the end, A improved his english and I still have a lot to learn in french. The goal now is to be able to crack a joke instinctively and to think automatically in french ;p But as the saying goes, petit à petit, loiseau fait son nid… or in my language-unti-unting mararating, kalangitan at bituin :p



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