the french have landed


Coming all the way from France, China and South Africa…

the French have finallly landed.



Welcome to the Pearl of the Orient, 




They first heard about the Philippines through the stories and photos that A and I shared with them.

During our reunion in Normandy , the idea of coming here came up and now I can’t believe they are finally here.



fresh coconuts for sale


I heard oohs and aahs as we stepped out into the beach front when we arrived… They all fell in love with Boracay, I mean who wouldn’t. They were so in love with the place they started having this crazy idea of maybe putting up a family business here 😀

Aba huwhy not!


teo doing some monkey business

brave emilie with uncle A


What I enjoyed about hanging out with them is that there is no need to do everything all at once.

Travelling for them is not about speed. It’s about taking your time, relaxing and just enjoying the place.

This was actually my longest stay in Boracay.


island music
teo became friends with the bartenders and got himself some free drinks

emilie busy reading A's book. she was also busy writing and illustrating her first story 🙂
teo doing his karate chops on uncle A


But of course they also know how to let loose and just Anjoy ( that’s how they pronounce it 😉


Cam's first time behind the wheeeeeeeeeel


What they really loved about the Philippines beyond the wonderful beaches and the beautiful islands are the people. Everybody was just friendly and warm and happy and game. I know this won’t be their last time here but for now we are already planning on our next reunion trip.

Beijing perhaps or why not Cape town?

Hmmmm… Abangan!





images shot in Boracay, Philippines

Arurumerci Ella & Gino for everything 😀



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