view from Villa Romana

windows installation by Mark Tandoyog
bridge installation by Rene Aquitania

(l-r) ferdie balanag, kawayan de guia, rene aquitania
bamboo installation by Rishab
Kawayan de Guia's ukay-ukay tent built with the help of Baguio Volunteers
blind weaver


Baguio is my Neverland

Inhabited by colorful creatures like Tinker Bell and Peter Pan 

Fairy dusts and Happy thoughts all around

A place where I learned how to fly and never land…


Fil-Canadian Artist Jen Maramba
spontaneous connection art exhibition initiated by Jen


musician Lirio Salvador
I CONSUME THERFORE I AM video & live performance in Baguio



My video “I consume Therefore I am” was also shown first time in the Philippines, during this event.

My deepest gratitude to all the artists and musicians who collaborated and made it all possible…

(Musicians: Mark Zero, Armi Millare of Up Dharma Down, Shant Verdun, Elemento)


Images shot during the Axis International Arts Festival & Ipitik festival in Baguio City. 




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