so much to see, so LILLE time


smoked salmon, boiled potatoes, salad


I first visited this northern part of the country during my first trip to France. Just a short train ride from Paris, my friend and I arrived in Lille to interview a Filipino painter. While walking around the town center, I remember thinking it would actually be nice to live here… The place was vibrant and alive, the architecture were interesting and the city was small enough to not feel lost or alone. Lille did I know, I would come back here again 😉 This time to visit Anny and JP for a New Year get-together with the family…


anny & jp are vegetarians hence the delicious vegetarian meals


I had a date with Claude & JP while A spent quality time with his mom Anny. We went to the Tri Postal to catch the Silk Road Saatchi Gallery Exhibition. The space used to be a postal sorting facility which is now a major contemporary art space. There were some installation pieces that moved me, too bad I stupidly left my camera at home. Maybe I will write another entry about this exposition, but I tell you the collection was just phenomenal!


organic brunch

family discussion over brunch


I saw some interesting shops and spaces along the way but we didn’t have enough time to really look around but at least there’s a reason to come back and discover the place a lille more 😉




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