Met up with Kanna and Naomi at NANASHI (meaning Nameless) at the 10th arrondisement. A canteen that serves Japanese-French fusion meals. There are choices of meat, fish and vegetarian bentos worth 13 EUR. Kanna & Naomi had the lamb bento while I had the grilled fish glazed with miso sauce and sesame seeds sprinkled on brown rice. Partnered with some grated carrots, brocolli, pumpkin and side salad. The play with colors, flavors and textures was a delight. The food was healthy and satisfying!

The place was packed by 1PM, good thing we arrived there earlier and got ourselves a nice spot. I found the interiors with confetti pompoms, colorful lamps and long chalkboard menu very cool. The open kitchen was busy with French and Japanese preparing meals after meals. Good to know it’s all authentic ;p

NANASHI 31 rue de Paradis, 75010







There was already a queue when Mawj and I arrived at BAGELS & BROWNIES. She mentioned about this bagel delight near her school and of course I just have to try it… There were mouth-watering desserts by the window but for now we are here for the bagels 😀

The place was quite small so it’s more intended for take-aways. You can choose from different bagel varieties named after American cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston… It tasted so good I forgot which State I was biting into 🙂 We had a quick picnic at Alliance Française’ courtyard right before Mawj’s class. I gobbled up an avocado with cheese bagel which was soft, creamy and chewy (each bagel costs around 5-8 EUR each). Would definitely go back and try the other cities :p


BAGELS & BROWNIES 12 rue Notre Dame des Champs 75006 Paris







GADO GADO: greens, tomato, bean sprout, hardboiled egg with peanut sauce
NASI GORENG: beef satay with peanut sauce, spicy chicken, mixed veggies, fried egg, java rice
caramelized banana with coconut milk


Naomi brought me to RESTAURANT INDONESIA after our French class near Jardin du Luxembourg. We ordered the lunch special with appetizer, main dish and dessert for only 12 EUR!!! The place also got full around lunch time so it’s best to come in early.

For my appetizer, I chose Gado-gado – a mix of vegetables with peanut sauce and for my main dish, I had the famous Nasi Goreng. Talk about peanut sauce overload 😉 By the time our dessert was served, I was already full. It surely was a flavorful and affordable lunch. There are not a lot of Indonesian restaurants here in Paris so this was definitely a wonderful discovery.

RESTAURANT INDONESIA 12, rue Vaugirard 75006 PARIS






HD SAMPLE PLATTER: mozarella cheese sticks, spicy chicken fingers, onion rings, nachos with guacamole


It was the first snowfall last November, I was walking around Boulevard St. Michel when I stumbled upon HD DINER. Feeling cold and hungry, I found comfort in their avocado bagel and a mug of hot chocolate. The bagels weren’t the best, the ones in Bagels & Brownies were better but I came back here a couple more times to try other stuff. Their milkshake was super good – thick and creamy, just the way I like it. I also enjoyed their yummy fish and chips…

I actually prefer this diner than BREAKFAST IN AMERICA. This place is not as crowded, there are more choices on their menu and their swinging 50’s ambiance is kitschy cool.

Finally came back again for a late lunch with A. He was satisfied with his footlong sandwich while I found my HD platter so-so, only the chicken fingers and mozarella sticks were tasty but their chocolate & banana milkshake saved the day. It’s really the best I tasted in Paris 😉


HD DINER 25 Rue Francisque Gay 75006 Paris



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