I ate my first okonomiyaki not in Japan but in Paris. Kanna prepared some for us in her atelier at Cité des Arts and it was a big hit! Remembering how much I liked it, she brought me this from her Japan trip 🙂



okonomiyaki starter kit


And one evening, around 11 PM,

A & I got hungry.



So I decided, why not try and make my first Okonomiyaki!!!


No need to read Japanese, just look at the images 😉
Okonomiyaki is like a galette or a savory pancake.
okonomiyaki flour
add water and whisk
then eggs
shredded cabbage


OKONOMI means anything you like, so for the ingredients add whatever your heart desires ;p


dump everything in the mix


I like mine with mushrooms, shrimps, lardons/bacon, onions


fry it
flip it


and voila




For the toppings,

add the okonomiyaki sauce, furikake (rice topping), toragashi (red pepper mix)

mayonnaise (which I didn’t have at this time ;p) and the dancing bonito flakes.



Mmmmmm not bad for my first attempt 🙂


I enjoy eating this because I love my dish with different flavors and textures. This was a bit crispy outside and soft & moist inside, a bit heavy for a midnight snack but it was defnitely oishi. Kanna would’ve been proud if she tasted it 😉



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4 thoughts on “Consumed: OKONOMIYAKI

    1. funny this place you mentioned with the manequin/lady friend ;p panghalina pala ng mga lasheng, hehehehe… katumbas na nito ang “isang okonomiyaki nga at isang babaeng gumigiling.” labo XD

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