I will write without direction, just let the words flow… The text may not connect to the images but I don’t care, there are other more important things to say. I remember shooting an interview with a writer and he said something like as an artist/performer/journalist we should make use of the (air)time that was given to us to say/show something meaningful that could make their (audience) time worthwhile…



Okay, that’s too much pressure now 😉

Anyways this is the longest time I’ve been outside my comfort zone. I am finally living my dream, woot woot!!!! But of course you realize that it ain’t all that easy, kweng kweng ;p I try to be positive all the time but even Rainbow brite gets the blues… 



Sometimes art is not enough, you need money to go on…

When I decided to move here I felt that everything will just fall into place, in a way it did but financially ah well not really…



I realized that I am given the gift of time and I try to use it wisely.

Paris is an expensive city but I’ve learned to appreciate its beauty without having to spend. It’s difficult but I try… I did a lot of walking this year, discovered different neighborhoods, took a lot of photos and shared fascinating conversations with friends – all for free 😀



I can’t complain… It’s been a pretty good year 😀



I had an interesting dream one time and the message was


 I believe that and I think you should too 😀




I don’t know why you visit or how you discovered my blog but I hope that I made your time worthwhile 😀

Aruruteynkyu for coming back 🙂

Images shot in Lyons la Foret, Normandy


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4 thoughts on “THIS.CONNECT

  1. love readin your blog 🙂
    and yeah you made my time really worthwhile..
    hope we can meet when we go to paris soon.. (that is if you dont mind)
    btw im pinay too 🙂

    ingat! xx

    1. ey smukke, this is a nice surprise 🙂 maraming salamat! yeah sure let me know when you are in the ‘hood 😀 mabuhay ang mga pinay!!!!!

  2. Love this entry J. Getting the blues, and getting the what-the-heck-am-I-doing-[insert activity your passionate about]…where’s the money?! I think as long as we build the life where we can be ourselves and do our share for our families/partners/kids/pets, hehe, (and travel! haha), everything is gonna be alright. You are living your dream! Joy!

    1. Mabes, corrected by!!!! I guess if you do something you really really love and something that you are passionate about then the money will eventualllllyyyyyy……………. follow…mmmm…pakibilisan na lang please 😉

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