Last December 8, 2010,

It snowed in Paris like never before…


woke up with this view from our kitchen window


It rarely snows here but when it does it never settles,

they said the last time it snowed like this it was in the 80’s.



 If I will base it on a typhoon in Manila, the snow here today is like Signal number 2 😉

and signal number 2 means no classes!!!

Yahooooooo 😀



So with that I decided not to attend my French class

 and just played in the snow…



this set was shot with my mobile phone


then went home and baked some banana walnut and chocolate chip cake…







2 thoughts on “iS-NOW!

    1. naks papadom marunong ka ng magcomment sa blog ha… arurukongrachuleyshons 😀
      nakow baka rayumahin ka sa ginaw, dapat summertime para makaikot ikot tayo at picture picture, hehehe… mishu papa!!!!

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