sweet dreams are made of these

I rub my eyes and this is what I see 

a land covered in chantilly. 

Half asleep and somewhat hungry, I decided to brave the cold and explore this opportunity.


Hints of green, dash of browns, topped with freshly whipped cream.

A delectable spread, yes indeed…  

Delicious is the crispy sound of snow crunching beneath my boots,


Hmmmm… What are these odd set of footprints and where does it go?

I followed the trail with an angry tummy,

 Geez whiz I am definitely hungry…

A black cat glanced at me knowingly and meowed,

“I am Morpheus… Welcome back to the land of sweet dreams my honey.”

And then they appear, colorful creatures sprinkled from above…

looking like candy confetti toppings over vanilla ice cream in a giant tub

“What brought you to our realm?” asked the friendly critters.

 “I crave for candied thoughts & rainbow ideas… I am feeling somewhat empty.”

They cooked up a game with the main ingredient of imagination.

I devoured every challenge and licked my fingers in satisfaction.

Never stop playing, that’s what they told me.

It is the only way to satisfy your hunger and to stop feeling empty…

AruruMerci wise-ones for the wonderful feast

  I am now full and wide awake,



images shot during our visit to the land of Frites and Gauffres – BELGIUM!!!

AruruMerci Tomas & Geraldine for making us feel warm in the freezing cold. Special mention also to the black cat, oggy the pogi 😀


6 thoughts on “sweet dreams are made of these

    1. aruruthankyou trulyly cyberlaundry 🙂 through the years i have learned to find lovely lovely moments in the ordinary 🙂 naks

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