delicious solitude


hot chocolate & pizza pie in my atelier


Some people cannot be seen eating alone, some people could not get the idea of dining by themselves, I am not some people so I am ok with that, hehehe. I love food and I don’t mind discovering things on my own. It’s like watching a movie by myself, sometimes I prefer not to hear anybody making side comments about a scene because it ruins the story for me. When eating, I enjoy my time to think of what I will have, what I am chewing – the burst of flavors and textures in my mouth… I take my delicious time savoring what I do and this is also how I celebrate,  just me and my food…


lunch at galerie 88
prosciutto roquefort cheese sandwich
lemon meringue pie from the boulangerie
tomato soup & bread at the swedish cultural center
at the BHV food court


Again, this is not to say I don’t appreciate meeting up with friends over a cuppa, lunch or dinner, I love that too! Eating could also be the best way of exchanging recipes, stories, ideas, moments… but of course there are times that I just want to eat slowly, take my time, think, write, watch people…


at le pain quotidien
quiche, salad & iced tea at le loir dans la thieire
hotdog sandwich with lotsa fixins while exploring le marais


I also enjoy cooking for people I love and sharing a good laugh with friends over homecooked meals… I remember cooking for my papadom and my sister during her pregnancy. We finally had a working kitchen at home so we would try to whip up homecooked meals day after day, that moment side by side with my sister are very precious to me… I also love cooking for A, it is actually in his kitchen that I whipped up some of my first obras, hahaha.



People who know me or whom I am friends with on social networks would know how much I love food. I document everything that I eat/cook/consume and put it on a special album that makes everybodys mouth water. It’s like music, you can associate the sound to a particular moment, me I associate food with memories…


lunch break in between editing my video installation
dinner near Bastille while conceptualizing. i also saw jamel (the french comedian from amelie) this same evening 😀
in celebration of finding a musician to collaborate with


When I explore the city on foot, I need my sweet fix – good ol’ nutella crepe does it for me. It totally lifts me up each time and also ice cream. But weather here now is too cold for ice cream so nutella crepe does its job and keeps me company on my different discoveries…



Food is sacred and the moment that the food and I shared is just pure delicious solitude…



2 thoughts on “delicious solitude

    1. yes the quiche was trés delicieux 😉 it was at my favorite café, will bring you there when you come here 😀 socomeowndown!!!!

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