What I really love here is the neverending reason to go out and celebrate.

This day, we celebrate Contemporary Art until the break of dawn!

 WOOT!!! WOOT!!!!





hotel de ville
do you see the one written in Tagalog?


Countless galleries, museums, cultural spaces and city halls open their doors to everyone

No entrance fees… All accessible and free!!!


video installation

street theater outside Pompidou


Really Paris, how can I not love you !!!


long queues everywhere


We may not always get what the artists want to say 😀

but bringing art within everyone’s reach is something we all understand  


















































There’s a map of the different places that you can check out but there are also spontaneous performances everywhere. You can either follow the map or you can just follow the crowd…








I really enjoyed this installation on the bridge.

 While crossing the bridge your senses are overwhelmed by music, play of lights and image projections. 



There are still a lot of people and happenings on the street until 4 in the morning.

The energies are high and the vibe is electric,

 wouldn’t mind staying up all night for these!




(means white night or sleepless night)

2 October 2010



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