LADUREE – Well, I still believe that Pierre Hermes has the best-tasting and interestingly-flavored macarons, hehe but I love Laduree’s ambiance and packaging – very classy and elegant. I would buy their expensive pastries just for their boxes 😀



ANGELINA – was truly jolie, haha. I’ve been wanting to come here for the longest time so finally my friends and I tested our patience and braved the long queue.  We also got to test our French on the French 😉 We all agreed to order en Français seulement 😀 I think they understood us and got what we ordered – Angelina’s famous chocolat chaud (hot chocolate), woot woot!!!! It was worth every drop, every euro and every calorie 😀




Naomi reminisced about her wedding anniversary which they celebrated here at Angelina many years ago. She said it wasn’t as crowded before…



LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN – this bakery-café is actually not French, it’s originally from Belgium and has branches worldwide.  Everything they serve here is organic! The food looks & tastes good and more importantly it wasn’t too pricey (as compared to the first 2 cafés).  This is where I celebrated my me-time after moving out of my atelier 😉


shrimp with avocado and mango salsa tartine




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