Summer ain’t over till I say so :D


 Weather here now is making me feel lazy-daisy…

Sometimes too lazy to move my arse.

So, I look at these images and I say summer ain’t over till I say so 😀

(or till the fat lady sings… whoever decides first)

I cross the bridge of Pont des Arts where lovers lock their love (cadenas d’amour) on the railings and throw the key onto the river of eternal love. Ahhh L’amour!  But just last year, the municipal authorities of the city of love decided to break some hearts and put a stop to this tradition. They removed hundeds of padlocks to preserve the 19th century bridge’s structure but alas couples from around the world continues the tradition and proved that love never dies… nevah… evah…

 It is drizzling and cold outside,

but right now I feel warm and fuzzy all over…


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