Atelier Visit: KAZUE TAGUCHI


From the Japanese curry party at Naomi & Satoshi’s,

we hopped on to Kazue’s atelier where she had an instant open studio…



She went ahead inside her atelier to remove her laundry and prepare the room…


Who cares about the laundry when you have this set-up!


my jaw just dropped after seeing her works for the first time.



Kazue used mylars to create this installation.

Her works explores the play on light, shadows and reflections.




It looked so simple but the effect was just amazing.

 I could actually see this installation on stage with video and dancers moving and interacting with it.



Her atelier has been witness to several interesting artists get-together. I once attended a potato party where each one is supposed to bring a potato dish. We’ve never seen and eaten so many food made out of potato.

 We had a lot of fun and came home with a lot of gas! ;p 



I was already amazed by the bateau mouche lights reflecting inside my atelier every night

but to have this light and shadow installation in your space is like having a party everyday!  




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