Our special guests

Ambassador Rora Tolentino and colleagues from the Philippine Embassy



Now, it is 

Time to ROCK & RULE!!!





(L-R: Plug, Smaela, JK, Pierre, Mighty Maya, Tisba)


My deepest gratitude to all the people that help made {PHOTO¤SYNTHESIS} a success. Aruruteynkyu to friends and family who came to support us. To our Ambassador and special guests from the Embassy, to the wonderful people of Les Lumieres, to Smaela and the musicians I collaborated with and of course to my A 😀


I was very happy with how it all turned out… What I love about this project is the collaboration,  it’s not only about the output but it’s also about the process… I am very interested in how different musicians/artists can give their own interpretation on the subject. The performance was totally different from the one I presented at Cité des Arts but both were truly distinct and interesting.


The handmade single edition photo collages are still on display at Les Lumieres until November 24 so you can still check it out. The artworks are on sale, just contact me at jj_rockandrule@yahoo.com for purchases 🙂



18 Avenue Georges Clemenceau

train ride from Gare du Nord and then short bus ride


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