The making of {PHOTO¤SYNTHESIS}



I accidentally met Smaela at the reception area of Cité des Arts. After that fateful meeting, I received news from her after seeing my portfolio that they are interested to exhibit my works at Les Lumieres, a cultural art space in Montmorency. We had several meetings and discussions and then  {PHOTO¤SYNTHESIS}  was born…

With Smaela’s help, I was able to meet different musicians for the musical performance … I first met Maya aka Mighty Maya, who was really interested to do this collaboration. He plays the guitar and is into noise effects, which definitely added texture to the whole sound…


Then I visited Nicolas aka Plug at his home studio to listen to his music and compositions. He plays different instruments and played bass for the show.



 He mentioned another musician that he jammed with who was good in improvisation and plays lead guitar, his name was Pierre Soon.



We all met up at Gare du Nord to take a train to Montmorency for our first meeting and rehearsal. It is there where I also met Baptiste aka Tisba who is the artistic director of the space and who also happens to be a musician. Good thing I was able to convince him to play trumpet which gave another dimension to the whole jam.


The musician line-up is complete so it’s now time for the exhibit set-up. I only had a few weeks to put up the show and so we decided to display my past works of handmade photo collages…




with my ever supportive A


My video installation will be shown at the exhibit opening. I  re-edited the piece and added new interviews of Emmanuel Lavaud -France, Michelline Torres – Brazil & Kidlat de Guia – Philippines. I also decided to put  French subtitles on the interviews since it was done in English and made a new credit roll…




We would commute back and forth from Paris to Montmorency to rehearse…


my handmade shaker/percussion (chewing gum & film canister with rice)


Now it’s time to ROCK and RULE!!!



* images of the performance, COMING SOON…

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