Alone again, naturally…




I have always loved my own company. I can travel solo, explore the hood on my own, eat by myself, watch a movie (or even a concert)  alone. I think it is important to have this moments of solitude to hear yourself out or even to not think of anything and just be…

I watched Mange, Prie, Amie (Eat, Pray, Love) on my own (second time in Paris). I do this all the time back in Manille but what made this special is that I feel I’ve gotten more at ease with my life here now, comfortable to just go out on my own or just go to the cinema, watch a film and walk home…  But of course coming home to the one you love is something else 😀 I am truly grateful that my A understands this side of me and I am happy that we also respect each others space.

Finding peace doesn’t have to be by your lonesome. You can just shut everything out even in the middle of a crowd. Escape in your world even if you are surrounded by noise… You have to find your center to attain peace. To connect to the core despite the chaos. For some it can be putting on an earphone and listening to their mp3 player, reading a book, writing on a journal, people-watching or for some meditating, to each his own…

Enjoying my own company doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate my time with friends, pas de tout, I’m just saying that it is healthy to take time off and be by yourself. As I always say Me-Time is Good-time!

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