Featured Filipino Artist: CHATI CORONEL


It was the ’90s, I was at the legendary Club Dredd where I was to perform my original compositions. I remember seeing this girl inside the dark and smokey room, words flowing freely as she reads to us her poetry… That was my first encounter of Chati.

Met her again a few years after that through her then-boyfriend and now-husband Edber Mamisao (Filmmaker) who was a classmate from a Directing workshop. The connection was built from there, then lost when they moved to the States, stumbled upon her blog and reconnected again…

A wonderful,uplifting and very inspiring artist, a wife, a mother, a poet, a painter, a long lost friend – CHATI CORONEL…




When did you realize that you are an artist?
I think I’ve always known that I am an artist. It’s something that I grew up around–my Grandmother was an art teacher– so art was a natural way of life for me.

What led you to painting?
My greatest influence was my Grandmother. I remember being 7 years old and doing leatherwork beside her, fingerpainting walls with her. It all seemed like play. I just never stopped playing!


An Hour in a Glass Balloon


Taking the Heart to the Lotus


How would you describe your style? What are your themes?
My work is very dreamlike. I like taking people inside this world where we all went to as children. Only this time,we are adults playing inside this magical place. I think this joy should be the main vibration in our lives. When we start from joy, we are kinder, braver and more creative. It makes us better humans.


Who are your art influences?
I love the childlike scribblings of the master, Cy Twombly. His work takes me to a different world too. One day I would like my paintings to sit with his and have a conversation about joy. Or just enjoy the silence together.That’s one of my dreams as an artist.


  Inspiration Wall



Do you have a ritual that you do before you start the creation? Share with us your process…
I made up a meditation where I breathe 100 breaths before I make that first stroke on the canvas. It is about clearing my mind. This is how I tap into my more universal self. I like to paint from there to be able to touch people from a more human rather than personal standpoint. Usually, on the 37th breath, I want to start painting. I keep breathing until I am ready to explode on a piece!


 A New Buddha Head


What is it that you want to say through your art?
It’s pretty simple but very ambitious of me. I’d like my work to connect with what is divine in all of us so that we can take that power to work in our human lives. I’d like my whole body of work to say Namaste (the part of me that is divine honors the divinity in you).


How has your artworks evolved into what it is now?
My work now is a lot more calm and subdued than the work I started with 19 years ago. I’ve had all that time to calm all my angst down! In my current paintings, I work more intently with space and silence. I think that is my real medium. There is so much beauty in open spaces and in what I don’t say.



Fly Kite Fly


What fascinates you? and how does it influence you and your art?
So many things fascinate me. Poetry etched in bathroom walls for strangers to see. Fashion, architecture, food, but most especially my three-year-old daughter, Mecca. I feel like I am getting a Master’s degree in Art from The School of Mecca. I am learning so much from her about being an artist–about totally honest expression, about being very very alive and human.


Where do you want to bring your Art? What is its past, present and future?
I love that sometimes I don’t know the people who buy my work. I feel like I have an army of paintings that have a mission to activate joy in people’s lives. Whether they know it or not. There are vibrations in each piece that are intended for and sealed into the paintings to bless you.


Inner Garden

  view from her Atelier


What is the art of everyday for you?
Art is a way of life. It happens when you brush your teeth, it exists in your back pockets, in fresh towels, in chocolate, in words, in quiet moments, in motion, in trains and under the soles of feet. We all live it, whether we know it or not, it passes us by, waving to us. Sometimes, when we listen well enough, an artist catches it and honors it in a piece.





(images provided by the Artist)



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