Time in my hands…


Eversince my Artist Residency ended, I’ve been totally focused on creating things for my ROCK&RULE shop. Ideas on how I can further promote and improve it has been causing me sleepless nights. I’m happy with the support that my A, friends and family has given me but sometimes I wish I can do more… Well, I actually should be doing more than just focusing on the shop but for now here are some Rock&Rule updates 😀



I was finally able to buy some Japanese masking tapes, these are just the coolest!!! Kinda expensive here but good thing I was able to ask my friend Kanna to buy some for me during her recent trip to Japan. Sugoi!!! I used these masking tapes on the handcrafted clothespins packaging and I love how it turned out. I also continued weaving spiderwebs for Rock & Rule’s shredded art-tees and made this Astroboy black shirt which I adore 😀

There are still a lot of things up my shredded sleeves so hope you stick around for that. Help spread handmade-with-love by clicking LIKE on Rock&Rule’s FB page, you can also recommend the site [www.rockandrule.weebly.com] to friends and family. Suggestions and ideas that you want to see in the shop will be greatly appreciated 😀  Aruruteynkyu for visiting…

Now, I’m off to my favorite ‘hood Le Marais then shoot the concert of my friend Wassim Qassis at Cité des Arts in the evening and then meet up with Brazilian Dancer/Performer Flavia afterwards. Wow! This is like a reunion of sorts for the artists I collaborated with in I CONSUME THEREFORE I AM… Saya!






O zsa zsa, hanggang sa muling chika…


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