Featured Pinoy Artist: IVAN ROXAS


I have featured different international artists here but I thought it’s about time to feature a fellow Filipino artist 😀 I already mentioned him in my blog entry on Musée d’Orsay, his name is IVAN ROXAS and he is a kick-ass painter!!!  His paintings are just soooo realistic you think it will move once you touch it.  


When did you start painting?

I started painting using oil since I was 12 but as early as 10 I already knew that I was born to be a painter.

What is your painting style and how did you find it?

I don’t know… every painting of mine are different in subject and execution.




Share with us your process, what inspires and influences your painting?

I have no inspirations.. and that is my inspiration.


What fascinates you?

 — Life and Science.




Is it safe to say that your usual themes are related to death and women ;p Why is that so?

Death.. because I am obsessed with physical immortality which is until now a science  fiction and religious dogma. Death is more universal than life, everyone dies but not everyone lives. But despite of its universality , it is still unbearable…especially a death of a beloved.

Women… because I love women….


How long does it take for you to complete a piece? 

It depends… it depends on the desire, subject, size, necessity and needs!



Who are your masters in Painting?

Masters? I do not have any master but I do admire the works of Rembrant Van Rijn, John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, Diego Velazquez, Ilya Repin, John William Waterhouse, Michael Angelo de Caravaggio, Adolphe William Bouguereau, Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo and Felix Ressurection Hidalgo.



Tell us about how your art evolved into what it is now – Its beginnings, its present and its future…  Where do you want to bring your art?  

I just want my paintings to outlive me. My painting will be the distinguishing mark of my own existence. ..that is my consciousness every time I’m painting.


Do you find Art in Everyday?

I can’t answer this question because  I don’t even know how to define “ART”… although one thing is certain.. I always have the capacity to find beauty in everything..even in nothing.



Ivan Roxas 



* photos provided by the Artist



6 thoughts on “Featured Pinoy Artist: IVAN ROXAS

  1. Wow..Ivan Roxas painting is incredibly outstanding..I would love someday to have one of those 🙂 Im just wondering how can i get his email?
    Im now a big fan of him.

    1. EY! aruruMerci d’avoir regarder mon site 😀 there are truly a lot of Great Filipino Artists and I will try to feature some of them here so keep on visiting 🙂

  2. Ivan Roxas is such an awesome and cool painter. So glad that I already met him in person.. Hopefully, I’ll become his model someday. 🙂
    And I’m also an aspiring artist.. But still a student.
    I also want to be like him someday and I know I will be!

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