in the company of SHAKESPEARE & CO.

 “Be not inhospitable to strangers lest they be angels in disguise.”


Welcome to SHAKESPEARE & CO.

The Legendary Bookstore and Library in the heart of Paris

Also made famous by the movie Before Sunset with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke ;p

shot with mobile phone

Books, BOOKS and more books!!!

They have new books and antiquarian books, childrens books, art books, books for nerds and geeks, books on history and culture,fiction and non fictionautobiographies… just piles and piles of books!!! In other words, kalurki!

The second floor is a library with cozy nooks, encouraging everyone to just sit back and lose themselves in the book of their choice



where anybody can play the piano, but better if you really know how, for the sake of other bookworms 😉


A nice nook with a bunk bed to read not just books but love letters and other messages written by different visitors from around the world

shot with mobile phone
shot with mobile phone

The message came to me from a childrens book…

“Trust ghosts. Trust those you have helped to help you in their turn. Trust dreams. Trust your heart and your story.”

” Remember your Name. Do not lose hope – what you seek will be found.”

The Reading Room

The books in this section are only for our reading pleasure and not for sale

mmmmmmm… the smell of old books 🙂

shot with a mobile phone
shot with mobile phone

There’s even an enclosed bureau with an old typewriter where you can just type away…


Found this book written by David Byrne who biked his way to Manila. He even collaborated with Fatboy Slim on a concept album HERE LIES LOVE inspired by our very own Imelda Marcos.

“The story I am interested in is about asking what drives a powerful person—what makes them tick? How do they make and then remake themselves? I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if—as this piece would be principally composed of clubby dance music—one could experience it in a club setting? Could one bring a ‘story’ and a kind of theater to the disco? Was that possible? If so, wouldn’t that be amazing!”
—DB, from the introduction


Here’s a blog entry of David Byrne during his visit to the Philippines. Familiar names were mentioned – friends, father of a friend, friends of friends. Definitely a good and interesting read 🙂 So check it out!


Shakespeare & Co. is founded not by Shakespeare ;p but by George Whitman in 1951.

He was studying in Paris at that time when he amassed a large collection of English books. He then decided, with his friend Lawrence Ferlinghetti, to turn his small apartment  into a library/bookshop. Thanks to him, creative writers and book lovers now has a magical space to escape to… and maybe, just maybe, we might bump into Julie or Ethan ;p



Latin Quartier near Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris, France



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