It is a dream to watch Tori Amos perform. My first cd ever was her album Under the Pink. If I’m going to have a kid, I want to name her Tallulah  (from her Boys for Pele album). Delirium is one of my favorite Endless in Neil Gaimain’s Sandman, it is said that the character is loosely based on her. I am also planning to dye my hair in different colors like Delirium, but okay that is not anymore connected to redheaded Tori 😀

Anyways, this is what welcomed me at the metro station one night coming home…

I was shrieking with delight and jumping up and down (inside my head) ;p

The next day, I immediately went to Fnac to buy a ticket… I don’t care if it was 50 euros and I don’t care if I have to watch it alone.  I will watch her even if I will have my own show/performance the day after the concert. Finally, I will get to see the Cornflake girl LIVE!!!

The concert will be held at the famous Olympia, I don’t know why but I ended up taking metro Odeon instead of Opera.  The confusion is brought to me by the letter O-oh 😉 Walked back and forth and around, creating little earthquakes along the way. Where the hell is Olympia?! I finally found out (by asking a girl in a café) that I got off the wrong stop. Oh mon dieu! Crucify me!


I left my atelier an hour before the show. I was just huffing and puffing going to venus and back. Good thing I decided not to wear heels! It was 8:15 pm when I finally found the place, the show began at 8! What if they won’t let me in? I got past the guards and was escorted to my seat, WHEW, wait there’s somebody else performing. Oh no don’t tell me I caught the wrong band!

Ahaha thank god it was just the front act

Then the Strange Little Girl appeared

Hearing her heavenly voice sent chills down my spine.

I cannot believe I am finally watching TORI. AMOS .LIVE!!!!!!!!!!

She sang song after song, some I don’t really recognize ;p but it was just a delight to watch her groove back and forth playing two pianos mannnnn!!!  The set up was minimal – no orchestra or back up musicians, just her powerful voice and notes filling up the room. She performed around 20 songs (I think), we sang along with her and got up on our feet towards the end. BRAVO!!!


I read somewhere that performing for her is like making love, she and her piano becomes one.  She was truly having wild fun straddling the bench while playing two keyboards!  She surely knows how to touch her instruments!!! 😀 She moans and she wails when she sings. She stomps and do little high kicks. She speaks to us in English because she said her French is crap. She can be angry and sexy then just funny.  An intense orgy/performance indeed and I sure am glad to be part of it ;p


now hand me my Leather!!!

19 JUILLET 2010

TORI AMOS at Olympia

I Consume therefore I am was the day after (JULY 20)

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