the after-show party



I decided to have an aftershow party in my atelier after I CONSUME THEREFORE I AM…



I prepared some pasta and salad while the others brought some drinks



Musicians/Visual Artists/Dancers/Friends from Brazil, Iran, Germany, France, Japan, China, Finland, Peru, Denmark, Palestine and Philippines were represented.



I ended up being the Secretary-General of this United Nations partey 😀

I give this little toys to different country representatives every time they earn points, hehehe.



I interviewed Afshin (Iran) for the documentary but he wasn’t around during the day of the performance so he watched the video instead.



Another point earned!!!!!!

There were other artists who just passed by and others whom I just met who also joined the party.



For dessert, I made my killer strawberry with balsamic reduction on vanilla ice cream. It was a big hit so I earned lotsa points for that 😀 Go Philippines!!!!



Conversations, Connections and Interactions abound.

Wassim brought some salad and Naomi brought some of her makis that she prepared. Points for Palestine and Japan! 😀



the aftermath

Flavia and Micheline helped out putting stuff in the kitchen, points for Brazil 😀



Last Woman Standing



I truly enjoyed this evening, I believe everybody did too.  

It was intimate, fun and real.

I say, points for everyone!!!!!!!!




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