A married couple who drove all the way from Bordeaux and A’s sister from Paris  joined us just in time for Aperitif.

Chips, Cornichon & Champagne!




These kids are multilingual!!!  They can speak Vietnamese, French, English and Chinese – halukatdat right! 

Teo is into parcours and karate while Emilie is into arts and music.

Jasking mga batang ire 😉



Over lunch I learned that a kid can learn to speak a language without accent until the age of 7.

I should’ve learned French when I was a little girl, hehehehe, mais maintenant c’est trés deficile pour moi, tsk tsk tsk.



Every evening we gather around the piano and sing.

Aba syempre hindi papatalo tayong mga Pinoy pagdating sa musikahan ;p


I enjoy this a lot because I feel that this is how I can speak. I mean I’m not really fluent in French so sometimes it’s just better to listen and absorb the thoughts and ideas presented. I love how each conversation can be profound and deep then it can easily shift to something light and witty. And how they can just drink so much wine, haha. I share their passion for food but the wine I’m not yet ready to turn it into water. I mean, they drink more wine than water. WINE is their WATER 😀  I drink a glass of champagne and Je suis bangenge . . .




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