WHAT’s IN, WHAT’s OUT . . .


WHAT’S IN . . .



What’s in is putting accessories in bowls just over my bed. What’s in are colors! Lots of ’em!!! It can brighten up a dreary day. What’s in is a handmade cd case. Anything made by hand is made with love. What’s in are these folded/pop up cards that I got from Amsterdam and London. Cute ey ;p What’s in is this banksy print that I got from Camden Market, trés cool! And my shades collection tooooooooo, this is only like 1/8 of it ;p … What’s in is this green notepad I got as a gift from Tet, where I write down thoughts and ideas when the light is out and I couldn’t sleep. Very very helpful…

WHAT’S OUT . . .



What’s out-side my atelier window are these bikes, hundreds of them!!!! There’s like a parade out there, ang kulet!!!! I hope one day my brother would be able to bike his way here. That would be the day 😀 Ey dex, ano game?!!!!



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