a promise is a promise



Payment Received, Customized tee Shipped!

Yipeeeeeeeeee 😀

I am just super happy to receive my first “kita” from my Rock&Rule shop. I am hoping to save enough money to bring Papadom (my dad) here. I promised that to him and I sure hope it won’t take long till he makes his first out of the country trip. He’s forever supportive of me, my art and endeavors that I feel that it’s just but right to give back what he has given me. He’s a photographer and it was photography that helped him and us survive. It fed us and put us to school and it is also what my siblings and I are now (in a way) pursuing. He now have his own photography studio after working for a television station for yearsssssss. I had a talk with him before and he said that his passion for photography is somewhat drying up, I’m sure he’d have it back as soon as he starts travelling again. For now, I need to sell more stuff from the shop and also try other ways to make money and save enough for his plane fare.



I love you papadom, I promise that we will take photos here together soon!




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