tattooed thoughts





I had this dream today about good and bad tattoos.


In my dream I learned that your choice of tattoo can affect your life. Each tattoo has a soul and your choice can lead to something good or bad. Interesting ey 😉 I’m not sure what was in my subconscious before I slept but it’s interesting really, dreams… I love being in this state because anything and everything is possible. Every story is original, things that you’ve never imagined you can dream. Vraiment!

About tattoos, I always wanted to have some but I really have low tolerance for physical pain. It was also good that I didn’t try to have one when I was younger because I would’ve ended up with a sun tattoo with a yin and yang design in the middle, how original! ;p And I also had this phase where I wanted angel wings on my back. Well for now, I prefer to temporarily tattoo myself with stars 🙂 I draw it on my face near the eye, on my hand and I want one on the side of my neck, haha. I like it because I can draw whatever I want, wherever I want, depending on my mood 😀 At the moment, I would like to have 3 different star tattoos… 3 stars and I’m the sun 😀 hehehe


 * rock & rule tattoo pic stolen from Jay-O’s facebook ;p temporary tattoo by Mawj




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