current state of mind





I’m psyched about this new adventure and I need all your support…

I just made my first shipment to Canada, a customized shredded tee-hee 😀

I was just soooo giddy and happy. Totoo na ito!


Things can be quite expensive here in Paris, good thing the stuff (films & threads) from Papadom is now here, aruruteynkyu Mawj for bringing it! 😀 My atelier is now in a creative mess but it’s part of the joy of creating. I am now busy preparing the packaging, tags, shooting and making new accessories. The silver charms, I bought here, so it’s kinda pricey but I am excited to create new accessories for the shop with it. Aside from pre-loved items, everything is just handmade. I hope you can make time to check out my e-shop I can ship anywhere or we can also do meet-ups if you are in the area 😀


Alongside this new adventure, I would also need to prepare for another upcoming show, hahahaha, so again I say LET’S DO THIS! Let’s ROCK & RULE!!!




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