ROCK&RULE (my e-shop:)



MY E-SHOP is finally UP!!!!

Please check it out. Give comments and feedback. Help spread the L O V E . . .


After the show, I’ve been busy preparing things for my e-shop. It’s a website full of handmade-with-love items that I created. I am selling some of my unique edition photo collages and one-of-a-kind shredded shirts and accessories. I honestly need to think of ways to earn and save money here and according to the souldcard reader, I’ll survive doing things with my imagination and my hands 😀 So, let’s see where this will lead me…


The technique that I use for making collages is also what I apply in creating the shirts – I use different materials / images and I do everything by hand! I started shredding shirts when I got back from my first Artist Residency over a year ago. I needed to do something with my hands but didn’t exactly feel like making some photo collages hence the shredding began… With the necklaces, I made it with my sister during her pregnancy. I made the black one inside the hospital room while waiting for her delivery. It was my last days in Manila and making these was filled with loving memories. I’ve been wanting to share all these but didn’t really have the time to create a page for it and so now with so much time in my hands, I was finally able to do it!  Yipeeeeee!


Now all  I need is YOU! 

To all my friends, family, colleagues and contacts

check out my e-shop 🙂

Taralets shop!!!




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