This is a trial run, I’m not sure if I will continue this.

We have the choice to pay for internet access here but I chose not to because I feel that my atelier is a space to focus and create. And internet can just be sooooo distracting, like now! I should be editing and not blogging ;p Anyways, this might be the last live report from my atelier so enjoy. Here’s a rundown of todays event…



Here’s my breakfast or shall I say brunch because this was consumed at around 11 this morning



As you probably don’t know, I am cooking up a big spectacle (in my standards ;p), an upcoming show this July. It started out as a simple idea which turned out to be not that simple at all. I will keep this as a surprise so I will spare you the details for now.



This afternoon hasn’t been too easy. I know things doesn’t happen exactly the way we plan but today gusto ko lang sumugod sa gitna ng kalsada at sumigaw ng DARNA!!!! I had to clear my head and get out of my atelier so I ended up finding a bit of comfort in my favorite café.  Paid 15 euros to feel a wee bit better…



Went back here to continue working which proved to be difficult



Good thing Kanna invited me to her atelier where she made dinner (japanese pasta and green tea) for two. The food and company cleared away (the cobwebs and) the sorrow ;p I just needed to stick out my chin and grin and saaaaaay…


This has been Jazel Kristin reporting,

 “Bukas luluhod rin ang mga tala!


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