walk with me


Walk with me…


 here we are at Beaubourg


where we can stop by at Centre Georges Pompidou.

Got meself some Art books on Surrealism, Dadaism & Eros’ Collages



Let’s continue the journey…

So here we are now at Rue Mouffetard



 where we can find their version of our Andoks Manoks ay oks gegoks


Wait, I smell something rotting….

Mmmmm Fromage! YUMMEY!


With moolah all spent at Pompidou’s bookshop (which I don’t regret bien sur)

it is advisable to just continue exploring…



 Here’s some Art for free!!!


J’aime beaucoup!



shooting the shooter




I’ve been doing a lot of walking here, good exercise and nice way to discover things.

Walking gives me time to think… I love talking (in my head). Great time to reflect about stuff too.

I smile a lot when I walk (haha weirdo)

 happy thoughts, happy thoughts throughout…




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