C’est la VIE


This poster caught my eye 😀

ART related to Death & Skulls,  I HEART!


made out of black gloves & colored pencils
i see dead people
handcarved fruit & vegetables

 (shot with my mobile phone)



I loved the different Art interpretations of Death.

From Classic paintings to Contemporary Art, Caravaggio to Damien Hirst!

There were paintings, sculptures, video, photographs, installations, and even jewelry.


DAMIEN HIRST's diamond encrusted skull



Vanitas themes were common in medieval funerary art, with most surviving examples in sculpture. By the 15th century these could be extremely morbid and explicit, reflecting an increased obsession with death and decay also seen in the Ars moriendi, Danse Macabre and the overlapping motif of the Memento mori.  Paintings executed in the vanitas style are meant as a reminder of the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death. They also provided a moral justification for many paintings of attractive objects.





Vanités Lives on ! 


* (last 6 images from the Net)



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