Paris got the blues




Walking around Paris at night I stumbled upon THE gallery ;p

They say that you have to find a space that will suit your artworks.

Not to exhibit in a place just for the sake of.

The gallery should complement your Art and your style.

I think I found the one…



2 thoughts on “Paris got the blues

  1. are you in paris right now? when will you be back? fyi, lost my phone before i left for berlin, but i got a new one now. still the same number though. but i lost all my contacts. text me your phone number when you get back so we can hook up!

    ps. nakakainis ang blog mo. masyadong art! haha! sobrang nakaka-inggit it’s almost depressing. hehe.

    1. shineshine!!!!! aruruteynkyu naman sa pagpaparamdam 😀 i will email you my number. you have to share your berlin adventure!!!! 🙂

      ps. nakow, bakit naman nakakainis, that is not the intention of this blog ;p masyadong art kse teh the art of everyday nga eh, hehehe. and you are living it!!!! art is life and life is art 😀 yeah!

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