Manuel’s Playground

2 MARS 2010

Leaving Cité des Arts doesn’t mean I can’t visit anymore, so off I go to another artist’s atelier…

handmade toys made out of toothpaste boxes, corks and stuff

Welcome to MANUEL FRATTINI’s playground ! ! !

Manuel is an artist from Germany who is married to a Japanese,

and who has a cute little boy.

This little boy has a wild imagination, one day he can be a viking, another day he is a captain of his own ship or a king in his castle and sometimes a race car driver… All he had to do was ask his father and voila, his wish was granted!

his son's drawings on the wall

Manuel himself could might as well be a big little kid creating toys looking like art and art looking like toys. His artworks and installation pieces are playful both in color and design. I feel that his family plays a big role in his art. His works may look basic and childlike at first glance but of course there’s more to it than that…

He talks about stability (the use of triangle) and instability (grids and circles) and the infinite ways of presenting it.

Colors when mix together has different effects and intensity.

The possibilities are just endless…

While sipping tea our conversation veered into parallel lives and universe…

(Germany-Japan & Paris-Philippines)

(he is an art teacher and I am a director for a documentary program)

Sometimes we need to find other ways to earn, to sustain our art or to sustain a family.

We as artists don’t really have a straight path but we find ways around it 😀



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