1 MARS 2010


I’ve been seeing IZIS posters around Paris so I  finally decided to brave the cold and wait in line forever, okay maybe 2 hours ;p 

It is Free!!! hence the long queue…




It is really cool that the city hall put up this show for free, a lot of locals and tourists alike lined up for this exposition.

Old people, teen-agers and even little kids patiently waited for their turn to get in. One little girl asked her mom about my half-shaved head.  I just had to give her a smile 😀 I didn’t really  understand what her mom said, I think it was something like don’t be scared my dear she’s human too, hehehehe, just kidding! I think she said something good because the little girl smiled back.



The Paris City Hall showcases the full range of talents of a man who was an artist, as well as a reporter, a great portrait photographer and someone with a sharp eye for a photo opportunity as he wandered the streets of Paris. The main focus of the exhibition will be on Izis’ Parisian work, a paean to dreams and to the slow pace of life at the heart of a city which he endowed with legendary qualities.

(all IZIS black and white images came from the NET)


C’etait genial to see the everyday life of Paris through Izis’ eyes.

It is images like these that makes us to continue to dream.

Ahhhh Paris des rêves!




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