25 FEVRIER 2010



Music ready! Camera rolling!




FIRE away…



Juan Pablo (a conceptual artist) and his cousin looks on in suspense



Sebastian brushes away (yes with a paintbrush!)



H A P P E Y  ! ! !





(photo courtesy of Sebastian)





It was my first time to have it shaved this close. Ginaw actually nung kalahati ng ulo ko, hahahahaha. They were a bit skeptical on how it will turn out but they kinda liked it in the end ;p More than the shave it was the moment shared with other artists, a collaboration of sorts. I decided to have half of my head shaved (again) as a closing ritual of my Artist Residency. Thank you Sebastian for volunteering to do this for me, hehehe. His shaver kept on dying and he needed to recharge it from time to time but all is well that ends well ;p I only met Juan Pablo at that time, he was there to say goodbye and I’m glad he agreed to shoot the closing ritual for me.

So byebye Cité des Arts, you haven’t seen the last of me (and my half-shaved head!) Hello my A who met up with me at the metro and who was (unpleasantly) surprised ;p  He has put up with my strangeness and so this too shall pass, hehehehe. We ate at a tapas bar to celebrate… Well, I celebrated while he is still in denial ;p



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