atelier visit: sebastian boesmi


I wanted to visit different atelier and meet other artists before I go and during my open studio, an artist mentioned Sebastian’s colorful space. So on my last day at Cité, I decided to pay him a visit and boy was she right!!!



I love his shades collection, I also have this in red, yellow&blue, black and pink, hahaha 😀



I enjoyed looking around his creative space.

I love the mix of plants, fruits, vegetable and art.

It’s all so fun, colorful and organic.


i like plants


translation: I like plants!



Sebastian Boesmi is from Paraguay.

When he is not Spiderman,  he paints, he works in an advertising agency, he designs shoes and he loves plants and animals 😉



He is like a little boy with a crazy imagination (but aren’t all artists are ;p)

His paintings are full of layers, with doodles and scribbles. Each time you look at it, you discover something new.



 His kitchen is also as colorful…




But visiting his atelier is not only my reason for coming.

I have one last mission to do before I bid adieu, and I need his help to fulfill that…



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