24 FEVRIER 2010

Today is the day I open my atelier to special guests and fellow resident artists,

time for an OPEN STUDIO !

Megumi was my first visitor then A’s dad came, then a composer, a collage artist from Korea, a painter from South Africa and Paraguay, Naomi & Satoshi, an artist from Iran, musician and artist from Germany and Australia, classmate from French class. Primrose also came, Kanna brought wine and olives…

It was like United Artists (of every) Nations day ;p

kanna with her money collection

Ceramic Sculptor and Collage Artist from USA, animator from Bulgaria, video artists from Germany and France, artist from Switzerland, Graveur from Norway, Claudia from Italy, another artist from South Africa, writer from France, conceptual photographer from Buenos Aires, Makiko from Japan…  I truly had a lot of fun meeting all of them. I loved the interaction and the exchange. I was just beaming. I am in my universe and it felt great to speak the same language (Art). I am home…

makiko's gift of goodies


midnight guests

Artists just kept pouring in even at midnight ;p

It was my first and last OPEN STUDIO (before I go), one huge partey, why didn’t I think of doing this earlier!

“A” was watching me from afar and he said I looked so comfortable and happy.



3 thoughts on “UNITED ARTISTS (of every) NATIONS DAY

  1. I love this in a thrilling, inspiring voyeuristic kinda way. And how inspiring is it to see artists from all over the world thrive together, as if finding their way to their tribe. It makes me less of a cynic.

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