19 FEVRIER 2010



Naomi and I went to the Grand Palais to witness the gigantic installation of Christian Boltanski.



It was cold,

and I could hear a thousand heartbeats…



It seemed like we were surrounded by dead bodies…

like in a death camp

It was an eerie feeling.



Pushed to the ground,

dead bodies on top of each other,



Death is but a memory


Born in 1944, Christian Boltanski has established an international reputation since the 1970s, as a leading artist at the forefront of the contemporary scene. His new installation, created especially for MONUMENTA 2010, is conceived as a powerful physical and psychological experience, an episode of spectacular emotion and sensations exploring the nature and meaning of human existence. Embracing the whole of the immense Nave of the Grand Palais, Boltanski creates a rich, intense commemorative space, in sound and vision. Personnes (literally both “people” and “nobodies”) is the evocative title of this social, religious and humanistic exploration of life, memory and the irreductible individuality of each and every human existence – together with the presence of death, the dehumanisation of the body, chance and destiny. (MONUMENTA 2010)



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