18 FEVRIER 2010


I LOVE FOOD! Je suis gourmande! Not only do I eat them, I collect them too, hehe.

 The sushi was a gift from Kanna when she went to Japan, the rest I found in a store in Le Marais. I was walking around the hood when I discovered this cute little foodie keychains on a store window. Trop mimi!!!


 I find comfort in food…

Everything feels better after eating an ice cream. Ice cream makes the world a better place somehow…




I decided to go out and take a walk… 

I have not been much on this side of my ‘hood. I discovered a flower market near here and it was nice.

Notre Dame looked so beautiful with the light and to see all its details.


and that is my Cité des Arts, hahaha, inangkin talaga 🙂


It started to rain when I was walking back to Cité…



and saw the sign outside my atelier window!!!



I was feeling a bit hopeless, fixing stuff,  that’s why I went outside and walked around to clear my head…

Came back and saw this sign….

Sign of good things to come.



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