the important visitors


16 FEVRIER 2010



I wasn’t really nervous… They arrived in my atelier a bit earlier than what we planned but it was ok, I’m ready.


They looked around my atelier then I started to explain to them stuff that I’m working on, my materials, my concepts… I see them nodding, they exchange in French, and then I continue. We talked, they ask questions, I answer… Afterwards, they said Merci beaucoup, will get in touch with you,  A bientot

Hmmm… I don’t really know how they feel so I don’t know what to feel. I did my best and I gave my all, NOW my future lies in their hands…


In the evening, I went to the auditorium to catch 2 piano performances. It’s very hard to take photos during the concert, I don’t want to make distrubing clicking sounds with my camera so I try to take photo in the middle of the program or after the performance.



The first performance were by Contemporary French Musicians (piano and sound preparation). It’s like live piano performance with NATSOT  (Natural Sound on Tape) recordings on speaker. It also involved a bit of acting, howling, chanting, clearing of the throat, fixing of the hair, looking at the reflection, changing of chairs, playing syncopated notes, playing and not playing, banging on the piano, playing without a melody… WHILE interacting with the recorded sounds played on speakers. I told you it was Contemporary 😀

I was thinking if somebody can play piano like that then she must have been really good at it to be able to transcend music like that. Like you mastered it so much that you just play around it and do your thing OR maybe she sucks and this is just an excuse to make art, haha! She made mistakes but for all you know it was all part of the performance… Whatever it was I loved it!




Next up was a classical piano performance  by a musician from Lithuania.


What a great way to balance tonight’s show… from Contemporary to Classical!  The pianist exchanged his piano seat to a regular chair and put down the music rack holder. He played without any music sheet, all of the music was in him and just flowing out from his heart and into his fingers. He is really good!!! His fingers were just flying across the keyboard… His facial expression and body movement were filled with so much passion, we can’t help but be moved as well. He was just one with his music. 


He was playing long piano pieces with complicated fingerworks and he doesn’t seem to tire out. It truly was an intense performance! We were just mesmerized. Bravo!!! Bravo!!! Everybody was just applauding and shouting Encore! And he gave in and played for us again. Habang tumatagal nga eh parang kumu-kyut na sya sa aking paningin, hahahahaha.


I loved tonight’s performances. It was my first time to watch a contemporary piano performance and it was very interesting for me. The second one also was HUWOW for me, matindi sya man, matindi! I got back to my atelier feeling energized and inspired. Astig!



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