hotel de ville


17 FEVRIER 2010


I totally forgot about the Reception Amicale today. Funny because I was at A’s apartment updating my blog about last month’s reception amicale, I didn’t know that it was taking place at that moment. I just found out about it when I got back to Cité and saw the poster, grrrr… It would’ve been my last one ;(



Went to BHV to have something printed out and noticed the interesting window display which is very similar to a concept that I’m working on…



Passed by Hotel de Ville afterwards…


The square in front of the Hôtel de Ville used to be called the Place de Grève. It was, from 1310, the site of most of the executions in Paris, by being beheaded, quartered or burnt. In 1792 a guillotine was installed in the square continuing it’s bloody history. The last execution took place here in 1830, and it was after this that the Place de Grève was renamed Place de Hôtel de Ville, possibly in effort to eradicate the previous history.



From bloody guillotine square to temporary ice rink…

They set this up every winter and during the summer they have this place full of sand and coconut trees for beach volleyball…  

Hahahaha, Funny Parisians



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