14 Fevrier 2010



Drove to the 16th arrondisement to set up my artworks at Le Bistro DA BASTIANO



We need to set up fast because the bistro will be open for dinner that Sunday night



Da Bastiano is closed on Sundays but today is not just any day, it is Valentines Day and the first day of my exhibit !

Set up finished, people started pouring in…  A and I decided to have our Valentines date here as well, yihee ;p


My Valentines Date ;p


fish with carrot purée
fish provencale
gorgonzola pasta



Bonne Saint Valentine!!!


Art should not just be confined in a gallery or a museum.

Art should be everywhere… on the streets, in a resto, at le bistro Da Bastiano!

Good food, Great service, Wonderful artworks too ;p




Merci to Bastiano Calaresu, Sebastien Loiseau and Aurelien Delpoux for making this exhibit possible 🙂

* my artworks are also for sale, it will be on display until April 2010

LE BISTRO DA BASTIANO  5/7 Rue Gros 75016 Paris * Metro: Mirabeau



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