Cultural Exchange


13 Fevrier 2010



I promised my Japanese Artist friends that I will serve them Filipino food after our Okonomiyaki lunch a few weeks back. I decided to prepare Arroz a la Cubana for them and aubergine fritters (tortang talong). I wanted also something colorful to serve, they started taking photos as soon as it hit the table 😀

If you look back in my past entries, I’ve already served this meal to my other guests. It’s easy to prepare and it never fails to impress guests, hehehehe. It worked again this time! It was their first time to try Pinoy cuisine and they said it was Oishi!  Arigato 🙂



ground beef, potatoes, onions, garlic, bell pepper, peas, raisins, soy sauce, tomato sauce

served with

plantain bananas on the side, fried egg on top of the steamed rice



inside the lift to the rooftop


It was freezing cold! The dripping water turned into ice 😀



Found a magic wand



and started zapping away ! ! !



Making my mark all over Paris



In the end, I turned into a unicorn 🙂




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