Free art Free mind


7 Fevrier 2010


Today is the first Sunday of the month so a lot of musées and galleries are gratuit. I wanted to go to Musee d’Orsay but I read on the net that it could get pretty crowded so I decided to go to Musée de Moderne Art and Palais de Tokyo instead.



I saw some interesting works and took down notes.




Only the permanent collection was for free viewing but with my Cité des Arts ID I was able to see the new shows for free, yiheeeee! No picture-taking allowed on this collection but of course I managed to sneak some shots ;p



This was the entrance of the House of Horrors were you get to view the exhibit like a ghost train ride in an amusement park. Didn’t really like the installation pieces inside but it was a good concept.



I just love Palais de Tokyo’s bookshop ! ! !


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