not emptyhanded


4 Fevrier 2010


Decided to go out today and walk all the way to rue Filles de Calvaire to look for a cable (videocam to laptop). It was a nice walk. I like the feeling of getting lost and finding home.


stop and smell the flowers


I passed by my favorite store…




nice new layout of the space



lovin' the red orange couch

I thought of buying more plates but there were no more black ones like the last time so I didn’t get to buy anything. I wanted to hang out at the café inside the shop but it was full, next time! Went outside and went to Cirque, a shop selling cameras, camera accessories and the likes. This street is full of shops selling new and second-hand cameras…


I got to the shop and found the cable I was looking for but I wasn’t sure of the size so I ended up not buying it, hehehe.

I went home emptyhanded but it was okay, I enjoyed the walk and discovered a lot. You think you know the ‘hood but then you discover something new. Every walk is not the same…


In the evening, I met up with A at the metro


posters at the metro









And watched a movie called Serious Man by the Cohen Brothers. It was weird, we didn’t like it at all.


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